As of Summer 2017, I’ve been a part of various projects and have helped launched websites in music, art, photography, service, TV, and many other different industries. I've also developed my own plugins and themes, and provide support and development to small businesses.


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A music video player created with your own music.

I’m currently developing Vusic in my free time. Using IMVDB, the idea is to parse all song data within a playlist, query the database for a link to it’s official music video, and render the embedded link. If at any time a video fails to be queried or rendered, Vusic will default to an equalizer, allowing any song, regardless if it has an official video, to play without interruption. Every song queried will ultimately have it’s direct URL saved to a database to decrease query time and increase performance. I'd like to launch the tool by Fall 2017.

simply music

Lead Developer - current

Simply Music is the largest, playing-based music education institution in the world. The Simply Music Piano program takes a different approach to learning piano. Unlike traditional methods, the idea behind Simply Music is to first learn how to play songs, then apply your experience playing to learning to read traditionally.

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freelance or for fun

  • Estimate GeneratorEclipse | Estimate Generator
  • SacTV Main MockupSacTV
  • WooCommerce Selective RegistrationWooCommerce Selective Registration
  • Reddit Link BrowserReddit Link Browser