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Lead Developer

At Simply Music, I lead the development team in creating new tools for our music teachers and students. Utilizing a LAMP stack and Wordpress, we've created a network that handles 10k+ users, 12+ sites, and two large scale intranets.

Simply Music Gateway Landing

Latest Project

launched August 2017

HTML / SCSS / JS / Gulp / WordPress / MySQL

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Simply Music Gateway is an online streaming piano program for children with special needs, designed so that it can be administered by anyone. My role for SMG as lead developer was to work with the design team to develop an accessible, great looking site, that can be used on any device, yes even screen readers. The front-end utilizes my own CSS grid framework based off Bootstrap and standard HTML/CSS/JS. We decided to use WordPress to allow easy internal administration.

Other Projects

We've created over 12 sites and two intranets at Simply Music.

Simply Music Teacher Intranet

Teacher Intranet



The Teacher and Student intranets are a private network of sites that teachers and students of Simply Music use to learn the SM method.


The Simply Music network sites use a LAMP stack. The front-end uses a combination of different Javascript frameworks and plugins and HTML/CSS

Simply Music Students

Student Intranet


Side Projects

freelance or for fun

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  • SacTV Main MockupSacTV
  • WooCommerce Selective RegistrationWooCommerce Selective Registration
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