Anthony Valera

Hey, I'm Anthony 👋, a front-end engineer, and event organizer. I'm committed to supporting the tech community, hosting educational events, and mentoring.



I'm currently working on the Content Contribution team at Glassdoor in San Francisco. In my free time, I support the community as a React.js organizer, speaking and hosting remote events through San Diego JS and mentoring new developers.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux / Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • Typescript


At Mirum, I planned and architected features and user interfaces for I was responsible for communicating updates, technical risks, and enhancements to Qualcomm program managers. Internally, I worked with our Associate Director to field candidates, conduct interviews, and provide feedback to recruiters.


At Origin Code Academy, I mentored students through learning software development. As an instructor, I produced material for the curriculum and conducted forums for understanding computer science concepts and crafting full-stack applications.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux / Context
  • Node / Express
  • MongoDB / SQL
Vusic Landing
Vusic App


At Simply Music, I led an international front-end development team, developing intranets for music teachers and students. As lead, we formed a team to build a platform enrolling 10k users within its first year.

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Gulp / Grunt


  • JavaScript
  • C / C++
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL

I began my professional career working on small development projects at a creative agency in the Bay Area. After a short internship, I was hired as a Web Developer and developed features for a white-label SaaS marketing application.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me or join the next remote meetup!